About Our Company


We are a registered security services provider in Botswana. We are licenced to engage in the provision of manned security services in accordance and compliance with the provisions of the Control of Security Guard Services Act. (CAP 21:07).

STi Security Services is a 100% citizen owned company with a small but dynamic team ready and capable of providing a wide range of security services to an even wider range of customers in a variety of industries. As a small, owner-run company, STi Security Services is ideally suited in providing its customers with the best possible service in Botswana.

True success is created by people and professional services require professional people.

This is why each and every individual plays a prominent role at STi Security Services. Our development depends upon our ability to educate and train employees so that they become professional security specialists. The greater competence exhibited by our people goes hand-in-hand with customers’ increasing confidence in us.

In order to achieve this confidence, all security personnel employed by STi Security Services are vetted and checked over and above the standard. Potential security officers are required to speak, read and write in both Setswana and English, should be free of a criminal record and are able to have their previous employed checked and certified. They are then, based on their previous experience and training, placed on the relevant STi Security Services training program. Only once this process is complete will STi Security Services post or assign them to a specific customer’s site.

At STi Security Services we also believe in incentivised employment. All of our security officers are encouraged to either arrest or give the required information to the relevant authorities which could eventually lead to an arrest. This is rewarded and as such encourages and incentivises our people to continue working in this manner.

STi Security Services has a small but dynamic team ready and capable of providing a wide range of security services to customers in a variety of industries. Some of our services are as follows:

Manned Security Services
Home & Business Alarms
Monitoring / Control Centre Operations
 Loss Prevention
Combined Mobile Services
Reception & Concierge Services
Security Consulting Services

STi Security Services currently manages two 24 hour Control Centers in Gaborone, International Commerce Park (GICP) and our latest addition, Phakalane. Through our Control Centers, our Operators are able to monitor alarm signals, stream CCTV from off-site locations, dispatch Delta Romeo Response Teams and manage our unique digital radio network, which in turn enables our Control Centers to effectively communicate with and pin-point the locations of all our on-site security personnel assigned to all of our sites throughout Gaborone and Phakalane. In order to achieve this level of control over our operation,STI Security Services utilizes multiple systems and software including Intelligent Monitoring, Nexedge, Google Earth, Smart PSS and Navigator 7 to name but a few.